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The website was created by Era Web Solutions s.r.o.. The website is owned by Renaudit s.r.o.
The website exists in order to make content and functionality accessible. The arrangement and the control of the website have been proposed so as to make the website accessible for alternative browsers (text browsers, voice readers, etc.) for people with specific needs.
Website accessibility methodology
Website accessibility
Exceptions to accessibility
Technical contact
Website accessibility methodology
The website complies with all important access rules based on the following methods: WCAG 1.0 (W3C consortium), Blind Friendly Web (Unified organization for the blind and vision impaired) or its Slovak version Blind Friendly Web (Union for the blind and vision-impaired of Slovakia), Rules for creating accessible websites (Project
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Website accessibility
Text size
The size of text content is defined in relative units and can be adjusted using standard web browser tools.
The structure and contents are created pursuant to the XHTML 1.0 standard and the visual presentation uses CSS2 cascade styles.
The use of cascade styles can be switched off in your browser’s settings and has no impact on website accessibility.
These specifications allow the website to be browsed without any functional limits using any browser or reading equipment including PDAs, mobile phones, alternative browsers and readers for the handicapped.
All images and photographs shown content are marked using alternative texts. Illustrative images are not marked with a text alternative. The website can be controlled and read with the images switched off.
All text colours and backgrounds are proposed so as to offer sufficient contrast and with sufficient brightness. The texts should be easy to read for users with impaired vision and attention or other disorders that hinder the perception of text content. The website can also be fully used in a high contrast work environment.
Structured content
When viewing the website in barrier-free mode (e.g. when the cascading styles are switched off or when using a pure text browser), navigation can be used, website content can be viewed and the language version can be switched. A semantic structure of the content using headers is also maintained on the website in order to ensure easier movement between thematic portions of content.
Navigation using keyboard shortcuts
The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate through the main categories.
Alt+1 = Introduction
Alt+2 = Company
Alt+3 = Products
Alt+4 = Services
Alt+5 = Production
Alt+6 = References
Alt+0 = Contact
Other important documents that can be reached using keyboard shortcuts:
Alt+A = Site accessibility
Alt+L = Legal information
Alt+M = Site map
All text links, except for navigation links, are clearly different from other text in a different colour.
Opening links in a new window
Links are not opened in a new window unless the user is warned of this with an icon shown after the link.
Links to files outside the website
The user is always notified of links to other web documents (e.g. .jpg, .gif, flash, .doc, .pdf, etc.) either via information in the parenthesis after the link or information contained in the link description (in the “title”).
The website includes a CSS style for a print version of the website. All pages can be printed using standard web browsers (e.g. use the File menu – Print).
Tables are always used for structured data and not for creating website configurations. Table data is generally read from left to right and every table contains a header for the rows of columns to ease understanding of the structure of the data even when using special readers.
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Exceptions to accessibility
Not all texts have a defined size in terms of relative units. Some text elements are sized in absolute units.
Links are not underlined – the underline appears when the mouse moves over the link. Visited links are marked in a different colour from those that have not been visited.
All subpages include JavaScript monitoring components as a part of the system to measure visits using Google Analytics™. IBG Slovakia does not guarantee their accessibility or functionality.
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Technical contact
Comments regarding the accessibility and the contents of the website may be sent to or fill in the contact form. We will attempt to eliminate all such insufficiencies as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and willingness.