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How do you define the price for accounting services?

We define a price on the basis of the anticipated time demands to provide the service. The price can be defined as an hourly rate or a monthly lump sum instalment. We normally propose hourly rates for new or smaller customers. We then propose a lump sum instalment program once a certain period of cooperation has passed.

What is the difference between an accounting check and an audit?

  • An accounting check is a check of the recording, classification and summary of financial information with the goal of determining if accounting provides relevant financial information and if it is managed pursuant to valid legislation. A check can also include verification of tax aspects. An accounting check is not regulated by any standards. Those conducting such a check do not have to meet any legal requirements in terms of education or practices.
  • An audit is an assessment and the process of reaching a conclusion as to if the recorded information properly reflects the financial events that have occurred. An auditor can only be a person who meets the requirements related to education, practice and the completion of audit tests. An auditor must proceed in accordance with International Standards and is responsible for his or her opinion presented in the audit report. An audit company can have liability to a third party in the event of damages due to the trust placed in altered or incorrect financial statements and records.

An auditor is obliged to follow these ethical principles: integrity, objectiveness, professionalism and skill, maintaining confidentiality regarding information, professional behaviour and independence.