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Complete accounting services

The customer provides us with all accounting documents and other materials for payroll processing at least once monthly. Our company then processes accounting using the Money S3 financial system. We also prepare related outputs in the scope required by our customers. We also can submit preliminary financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) and other materials needed for filling in VAT declarations. Once the accounting period has closed, we also prepare the full financial statements and materials needed for filling in tax declaration for income taxes for legal entities.

Accounting cooperation

We offer larger companies the option to cooperate with regards to accounting. Accounting software is installed on a server accessible from remote connections. Customers have the option to review their company accounting, thereby gathering information and the ability to issue records. A portion of accounting work can be delegated to a client’s internal employees who then care for the entry of primary records (received and issued invoices, cash box, bank statements and warehouse slips). An external accounting is then responsible for checks, accounting, internal documents and preparing accounting outputs. One benefit of such an approach is efficient cooperation.

Accounting checks and consulting

Another option for cooperation regarding accounting is consulting and accounting checks. This service is used by small and large companies alike that handle accounting internally but need to consult regarding various problems or issues.

Payroll processing

This service includes activities related to the calculation and billing of payroll. After agreeing with the customer and the provision of a power of attorney agreement, we will secure the registration of employees with insurers and the submissions of all forms required by insurers and the tax authorities. This service includes annual health insurance accounting and accounting for income taxes from dependent activities. We use the Money S3 financial system for the payroll processing needs of our smaller customers. Human and Vema software is used for the payroll processing needs of our smaller customers.

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