RPVS Public sector partners register
Public sector partners register is kept in electronic form only and is legally binding, this means that data published in it are effective toward everybody. This concerns natural and legal entities which receive financial fulfilment or property above statutory defined limit from the state, public sector authorities or self governments. The register must also include entry of those persons who conclude contract, framework agreement or a concession according to instructions on public tenders. Public sector partner can´t make an entry into RPVS on its own, it must provide / secure an authorised person and conclude a contract with it on fulfilment of obligations of authorised person for the public sector partner. In compliance with the law this activity may be performed by an attorney-at-law, notary, tax consultant, auditor or banker who consequently performs all acts related to RPVS, this means execution of first entry, changes or deletion of the entered data.
We can check whether you are obliged to be entered in the RPVS upon your request, as each specific case must be assessed separately.

Transfer pricing
with regard to transfer pricing it is necessary to find a suitable way how to set prices at executed transaction between dependent persons so that they correspond to conditions of independent relation. We can understand it as a pricing of transactions between connected entities / persons where the subject are represented by products, series, rentals, loans or intangible assets.

Transfer documentation
Transfer documentation must include a set of information, data and facts which explain and show / prove the method how transfer price was created. The Tax Office may request the transfer documentation anytime for purposes of inspection of used methods for determination of transfer prices.
Each business subject / enterprise must keep the transfer documentation which business financial transactions run among dependent entities / persons.

Electronic mail boxes
Electronic mail box serves for communication with public authorities. This method practically replaced the service of documents in paper form. By way of electronic mail box it is possible to receive and send mails or notifications and check their sending and service. Electronic mail boxes are created at the Ústredný portál verejnej správy (Central portal of public administration) at the following address www.slovensko.sk.
Provided you do not have an electronic mail box or you do not have access to it, you are facing a risk that official mailing will be considered as served even though you do not receive them.
At the moment it is possible to authorise any other person for purposes of access to the mail box. We are offering you this service. Regular check of the contents of the mail box represents its content, and in case of service of any document it will be immediately re-sent to you through a method which you choose.

Personal data protection
The right for personal data protection is part of a private right which more and more penetrates into the public. Legal regulation of personal data protection is and always will be a very sensitive public issue while personal data protection can´t be considered as unnecessary.
This area is regulated by the Act on personal data protection which imposes entrepreneurs / businessmen several obligations which breach can mean a high penalty.
We can check what obligations relate for you according to the law and your requirements and all your documentation will be elaborated in a way that it is in compliance with statutory requirements.

Registered office of the company
Pursuant to valid legislation the registered office of the company is one of the main conditions of the company existence. There can be cases in practice when the registered office serves to the entrepreneur / businessman only for service of mailing and fulfilment of formal conditions. We offer our clients possibility to have registered office of the company registered at us. All postal mailing will be re-posted to you by chosen method from your side and to your selected address.

Residence / stay of foreign persons
We offer complex consultancy, assistance and representation for purposes of arrangement of residence / stay of foreign persons usually for purposes of execution of business activity.

Liquidation of company
Just like we assist our client at commencement of their business activity, we also offer services connected with its completion. Liquidation of the company represents the most usual way of business activity termination which always occurs if the company does not cease to exist with legal successor, from the law, or termination of bankruptcy proceedings, etc. We perform liquidation on a complex basis. Besides initial and final decisions which we shall make ready for you, we will also perform all required acts.

Collection of debts
Collection of debt is executed in a regime of attorney-at-law services. We will call upon your debtors to fulfil obligations and in case of non-success we will collect them by way of court proceedings. Consequently and in inevitable cases we will also file a petition for forced execution of the decision (execution) on your behalf or the claims / debts will be entered in the regime of bankruptcy of restructuring proceedings.