The Register of Public Sector Partners is stored exclusively in digital form and is legally binding, meaning that any data point published within it is universally effective. It concerns natural and legal persons, who receive monetary recompense or property from the state, public sector entities or local authorities above the legally specified limit. Furthermore the register must contain all persons who enter into a contract, framework agreement or concession according to the regulations on public contracts. A public sector partner cannot be registered in the RPSP on their own, instead they must enter into a contract with an authorized person concerning the fulfilment of the obligations of authorized persons with regards to the public sector. Within the meaning of the law this activity may be carried out by a lawyer, notary, tax adviser, auditor or banker, who subsequently carries out all the necessary operations concerning the RPSP, including the initial entry, changes or deletion of any registered information.
On request, we can check whether or not you’re obliged to be registered with the RPSP, as each specific case must be handled individually.